We are the church with a Biblical relevant vision. A church whose methods and ministries are designed to reach the lost, develop the believer, teach the young and care for the forgotten. A Church with a multi-cultural, non-denominational ministry where preaching is pragmatic and the scriptures are taught in applicable, current day context that is both biblically sound and socially impactful. A church where the heart is touched, head is stimulated and hands are extended. A church that reaches all parts of the world with the word of God.

Our Vision:
To build a church where the Foundation is the word of God and the word of God only, and where you experience God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy-Spirit in an epic worship and transformational experience where lives are change and souls are saved and set free.

Our Mission:
Where the mission is on God’s word, God’s will, God’s way that impacts God’s people for the illumination of the Kingdom of God both locally and globally.